Ordering the Right Size for the Right Vibes!

Ordering the Right Size for the Right Vibes!

At Cami Co. Lace, we believe that the perfect fit is essential to make you feel amazing in your fashion pieces. That's why we've put together this guide to help you discover your ideal size, ensuring that your wardrobe is as perfect as you are.

Our fashion is for everyone, and all our sizes are unisex.

But don't worry, we've got you covered with recommendations tailored to different styles and preferences. Let's dive in and find the perfect fit for you:

For Men:

Crew Neck Styles

To experience the most comfortable conservative fit, we suggest ordering your natural men's size.

Half and Half Styles

If you prefer a more relaxed fit, feel free to order one size up. To achieve the color block design, we take two sweaters, split them down the middle, and sew them back together, so please note that our half and half sweaters offer a snugger fit, typically 1-2 inches tighter than our regular sweaters.  

For Women:

Women are filled with unlimited options, styles, and desires! How exciting to know that you can order from sizes XS to 5X to fit the look that you’re going for. Let me help you find the best size to order to get you that perfect fit that you’re going for.

Don’t limit yourself to one size!

Order up or order down to achieve the maximum level of fashion, comfort, and grace. Whether you’re going for a crew neck, a half and half, or a lace up, these recommendations will be true across the board (except the mini-dress fit! Keep reading to learn more). Worried about the size for your off-shoulder? Don’t! The off-shoulder will fall off-shoulder at any size.


Your Natural Size | Conservative

Let’s start with your natural women’s size. As we mentioned, sizes are unisex. That means they are originally men’s sizing, but don’t let that scare you! We recommend ordering your natural women’s size for the all-around comfortable most comfortable conservative fit. This size is true to a little more room. If you prefer your sweaters to fit in a traditional look, not too snug/not too big, this is the perfect size for you.

If you’re looking to purchase a Crop or Longer Crop Length, we recommend this size to allow for the fabric to drape fashionably around your waist and hip line without it hugging the belly. Recommended for all Lace-Up designs. 


One Size Down | Feminine 

But maybe you want to feel a little sexy? Maybe the comfortable conservative look isn’t what you’re going for. We recommend ordering one size down for that snug, more form fitting, feminine fit. This fit is for the ladies who aren’t too shy to show off that figure! This formfitting effect works best with full length designs, not recommended for crop/longer crop, as it will likely hug the body a bit more than designed. 


One Size Up | Comfy

If you’re like me, you probably prefer your crewneck sweatshirts with more room than necessary! Go ahead and order one size up for that loose/ boyfriend feel. The fabric is so soft and luxurious that this is the first Cami Co. Lace I reach for when I’m looking to relax around the house or run errands and still look cute! Maybe you don’t want to show your curves at all. This fit is ultra chill while still elevated, classic, and chic.  It’ll give you the energy of “this is actually my boyfriend’s sweater, so therefore, ‘I ain’t thinking about you!’” *Beyoncé voice* Stay cool, comfy, and unbothered in one size up. 


Two Sizes Up | Oversized, The New-Age Drip

The next fit is our oversized look aka the new-age drip! Be confident in this is super trendy fit of today’s fashion culture by ordering two sizes up. Oversized sweatshirts are a great option to pair with black leggings and white canvas sneakers for the ultimate “I’m too cool for school” vibe. I reach for this design when I’m feeling like a 90’s girl bad-a**. I recommend this size for crewneck full length styles to wear in any leisure setting. This fit gives ultimate cool girl: slightly mysterious, slightly rebel. Sound familiar?


Three Sizes Up | The Mini-Dress Doll Baby

Where’s my hot girls?! This fit is for you!

Stand out in Cami Co. Lace in three sizes up. This fit, for off-shoulder full length styles only, will (barrrrely) cover the behind so that you can show off those thighs and all that confidence! Please note this fit is not for crewneck designs, as they won’t give you that maximum length that you need to cover the behind. And don’t let the three sizes up scare you; it will be bigger throughout the body, but these are the vibes and you will be fly! This look must be worn with short shorts underneath for the most security as you move around. Rock this style with over-the-knee socks, heels or boots! Be fearless! The woman in the Cami Co. Lace mini-dress is a trend setter: loving herself, with or without anyone’s approval. She is the epitome of an empowered woman: the ultimate baby doll!


Each fit has its unique charm and purpose, so don't hesitate to explore different sizes to match your mood and style. Whether you're going for a cozy, casual look or aiming to turn heads with a daring fashion statement, Cami Co. Lace has you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover your perfect fit and elevate your fashion game with Cami Co. Lace. Embrace comfort and confidence all in one incredible piece!

Remember, your style should be as unique as you are. Find your fit, and let your personality shine through your fashion choices. Happy styling! ✨

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