Goodbye Etsy, Hello New Adventures!

Goodbye Etsy, Hello New Adventures!

 Hey Cami Co. Lace community, it's time to make a strategic move that benefits both you and us. We're transitioning from My Little Etsy Shop to our very own platform, right here on! What a journey it has been to provide you with my custom handmade designs since 2016!  From in-person events like homecoming, regional and national sorority conferences, local festivals, and online on our original store, the hand-makers marketplace,, we have continuously connected with you wherever you are.  And with an open mind and heart, I, Cami, am here to announce that one of those doors has closed, for another to open.

Running a passion based business has come with so many fulfilling moments and challenges, and I love that you are right here, still with me, to witness it all.

Meet, a space where my team and I can better connect with you, enhance your shopping experience, and provide you with the ultimate quality and customer service you are already accustomed to. 

Why We Left Etsy:

Leaving Etsy was not an easy decision, and not one I chose to initially make, but it became overwhelmingly obvious that one cannot put all their eggs in Etsy’s basket.  Etsy used to be a safe space for artists and creatives. Fees were low and confidence and trust in the platform were high. It was their founder’s dream to have an alternative to mainstream platforms where indie-sellers like me could focus on what they love - creating, while Etsy handled getting our unique products visible to you, our desired customer. But, my oh my have things changed!

After going public, Etsy has to answer to shareholders and investors that want to see one thing - a return on their investment! This shift in ownership opened the door to higher fees for sellers, more entryways for non-handmade merchandise, introduction to sporadic payment reserves, and our ultimate demise - continuous uncertainty of the possibility of one day logging into your account and realizing your shop no longer exists. 

This was our reality. With over 100 orders in our queue, a portion of which we had yet to receive payment from the Etsy platform, we had to find all of our existing customer’s contact information and let them know we are still working to complete their order, and we won’t be available for communication via Etsy any longer. And why? Without any notification, alert, or simply an email, and no customer service center to complain to. Complete insanity took place - possibly the worst two weeks of my life. 

As an Etsy seller for over six years, it was time to make a change. Who says I can’t thrive outside of their platform? Who says my customers won’t find me if I’m not on Etsy? Not I! I know I can do this. I know Cami Co. Lace is bigger than any one platform, and we deserve better. All small businesses deserve better. This is why we’ve decided to build outside of the Etsy platform. 

This decision is far overdue. If I’m being completely honest, Etsy is a great way to get your feet wet, and find out if you have an idea worth continuing to invest in, but in the end, business is an investment, and you will need to spread your wings. This transition aligns with our long-standing goal to create a more personalized and seamless shopping experience for you. It’s time we invest in ourselves. Here, we have our own website, a creative and enjoyable place that we think will also get you excited and make you feel at home.

Your New Shopping Experience

At, my team and I have crafted, and are continuously building, a seamless shopping experience tailored to your needs. Our new platform features an intuitive interface, making it easier than ever to search, find, and purchase your favorite products. Our Chat Box lets you talk to Cami directly at any time, and our Custom Order Quiz gives you step by step details on exactly what we offer and what you can create. Here you can get exclusive designs that you won't find anywhere else, and benefit from improved customer service that prioritizes your satisfaction. Plus, we’ve added some exciting new products to our collection and we are continuously working on innovation. 

Looking Ahead: Growing and Improving

As we move forward, our goal is to grow the Cami Co. Lace family and continue enhancing your shopping experience on We are committed to adding new features and products that will excite and inspire you. While we focus on our new platform, we haven't completely ruled out the possibility of returning to Etsy if significant changes are made. Keep up with us as we expand and improve, making every interaction with Cami Co. Lace more rewarding than before.

Exciting Future: 

Our journey is just beginning, and we're super excited about the future of Cami Co. Lace Designs. We are committed to growing our family and continually improving our platform. Sign up for our email list, follow us on social media, and stay connected to explore all that has to offer. Thank you for being part of our journey, and making it unforgettable.



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