Exploring the Fabulous Lengths of Cami Co. Lace Designs

Exploring the Fabulous Lengths of Cami Co. Lace Designs

Hello, Fashion Enthusiasts! 

Today's blog is all about celebrating the variety and versatility of our Cami Co. Lace lengths. We've crafted four distinct lengths to cater to every fashionista's preference and comfort level. Let's dive into each of these fabulous options!


Full Length: Our Full-Length design maintains the original hemline for the most conservative fit. It stops around the hips and might even cover the top half of your behind. This is your pick for functional and comfortable wear, especially if you're wary of wind or cold air sneaking up under your garment. 


Longer Crop: For those who prefer to downplay the waist, our Longer Crop is your go-to. Ending around the belt buckle, it’s fantastic for avoiding any belly exposure while still maintaining that fun raw edged flair at the garment's bottom. Some designs even added distress for that extra oomph!


Crop: Next up, our "Crop," also known as the Belly Crop, stops around the belly button. It's perfect with high-waisted pants or pencil skirts. Ideal for those who love to accentuate their hips or show off that figure-8 body. It’s all about highlighting that waist while still covering the bust, offering just a hint of belly exposure.


Super Crop: Our Super Crop design is like a fashionable shrug, meant to be layered over another garment. It’s daring, stylish, and not intended to be worn alone (yep, it won't cover the breast at all – just want to be honest with you!). Picture yourself adding this layer over a gym outfit for a chic touch, or over a low-cut camisole or body-con dress for extra coverage while still flaunting your style. However, if you're not feeling too confident about your waist area currently, you might want to skip this one. Trust me, though – it’s super cute!

So, which length resonates with you and your body type?

Let us know in the comments! Remember, your current preference doesn’t have to be a forever choice. As you progress on your health and fitness journey, I'm here to customize your crop length to suit your evolving style. One day, we might even see you rocking that Super Crop – it’s not about age, but all about being fun, funky, and confident in your body. Our pieces at different lengths are designed to add that extra flair and make your wardrobe just a bit more stylish!

Stay fabulous, everyone, and keep embracing your unique style with Cami Co. Lace! 💖👗✨

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